About us

Fluidra Engineering is the Fluidra group’s engineering company. Its team of experts has long-standing experience in coming up with ideas for designing and executing projects in water facilities the world over.


Fluidra Engineering delivers integral solutions using the group’s products and it develops a project from the initial idea until it is up and running, thus ensuring that each phase of a project is feasible and completed to the highest of standards.

Experts at
your disposal

Fluidra Engineering has highly qualified and experienced engineers, architects, designers, BIM technicians and project managers.

Fluidra Group

Fluidra is a multinational group devoted to developing applications for the sustainable use of water whose core focus is people’s well-being and health. Fluidra currently operates in 45 countries through 110 branch offices and production plants on every continent. The group employs around 4,300 people.