Cookies Policy

  1. Introduction. Please note the following:
    1. Before the analysis contained herein, you have to take into consideration that:
      1. Technical cookies do not require the consent of the user in order to be used but it is necessary to inform about their use.
      2. In case there are only two (2) types of cookies, being one of them technical cookies, no Consent Management Platform (CMP) is required, as the “ACCEPT/ACCEPT ALL” button is a valid form of obtaining the consent for the purpose.
      3. In case there are three (3) or more types of cookies, being one of them technical cookies, a CMP is necessary in order to obtain the consents in a valid method.
      4. Cookies cannot exceed a twenty-four (24) month duration. If any of the cookies used on this website had a duration above the said, it must be set and changed so that it complies with this recommendation.
    2. This website only has two (2) different types of cookies: technical and analytical. It implies that for now it is not necessary to implement a cookie CMP in the Pop Up Information that captures the specific consent of the user for each purpose, due to the fact that:
      • Technical cookies are necessary for the website to work properly, so it is NOT necessary to obtain the user’s consent for this purpose. Technical cookies only need to be informed;
      • Even though consent must be given for the use of analytical cookies, in this specific website, it can be given by means of the “ACCEPT” button as it is already understood that consent is given for the only purpose it is required, because there are no other types of cookies on this website which need a consent in order to be used.
    3. Without prejudice to what is indicated in point “b”, if for the use of this website it was considered the addition a new type of cookie (i.e. advertising cookies, social network cookies), it will be mandatory to introduce a CMP that captures the consent separately from the user for each purpose. In such a case, the Data Protection Area of FLUIDRA HQ must be informed of this intention, so that required actions take place in order to comply:
    4. With regard to analytical cookies, the following should be taken into consideration:
      • It must be ensured that analytical cookies do not start working until the user has given his or her consent to do so;
      • In the Cookie Policy, a pre-checked checkbox is prohibited by the Data Protection Authorities. Pre-checked checkboxes do not constitute a valid form of consent.
    5. Previous the implementation of the Cookie Pop Up Information and the Cookie Policy, FLUIDRA HQ needs a confirmation on your part regarding if the cookie information you have provided has been properly interpreted. Please check if the cookies used on this website are included and informed in the correct section of the Cookie Policy.
  2. Cookies Pop Up Information:
    We use cookies, own and third party, to ensure the proper functioning of the site and to analyze our services and improve your experience on our website. You can accept all cookies by clicking on “ACCEPT” or set or reject them by clicking here. If you want to know more about the use of cookies, please check our Cookie Policy.
  1. Cookies Policy:
    1. What is a Cookie?
      Cookies or data storage and retrieval devices are files sent by a website to users’ browsers that are automatically stored on their devices so that the website is able to check users’ previous browsing habits and “recognize them”.
      Cookies are able to remember other kinds of personal information, such as a user’s password so that it does not have to be entered each time a website is visited, or user preferences as regards the configuration of a website (language, screen resolution, amongst others).
      Cookies are essential for the Internet to work properly, as well as having many advantages in the provision of interactive services as they make browsing and using the Website easier. Cookies cannot harm your devices, and while they are enabled they help identify and solve errors.
      In short, a cookie is simply a set of data about browsing habits that is stored on a user’s device and that websites detect and recognize so that they are able to “remember” that user’s browsing habits.
      Please note that not all cookies imply a processing of personal data and, in the event of processing of such data, we will carry the processing according to our General Privacy Policy.
      More information about the cookies used on the website is provided below.
      This website uses own and third party cookies, with the aim of improving the browsing experience of its users.
      The following applications are used to obtain this information.
    2. Strictly necessary cookies
      These are technical cookies which are necessary for the website to run properly and cannot be disabled on our systems. Generally, these are only set in response to actions taken by you that amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or completing forms.
Name Cookie Purpose Duration
rc::a Technical Cookies (Google) This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the website, in order to make valid reports on the use of their website. Persistent
rc::c Technical Cookies (Google) This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. Session


  1. Analytical cookies
    These cookies allow us to count visits and sources of traffic, so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and how visitors move through the site, thus ensuring better user service. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site.


Name Cookie Purpose Duration


Analytics Cookie (Fluidra Engineering) Distinguishes visitors to your site. 2 years


_gat Analytics Cookie (Fluidra Engineering) Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate. 1 day
_gid Analytics Cookie (Fluidra Engineering) Distinguishes visitors to your site. 1 day


  1. Cookies settings
    You can set up cookies through on this Policy, through your browser and also through the websites of those third parties that install cookies on your device.

    1. Disabling Cookies through this Policy
      In section 3 of this Policy you may give or revoke your consent regarding the type of cookies used.
    2. Disabling Cookies through your web browser
      All Internet browsers allow users to restrict the behavior of a cookie or even disable cookies by modifying the browser settings or options. The steps to do this are different for each browser. Specific instructions can be found in the help menu of your browser.
      Depending on the browser used, the user can enable any of the following options to limit the scope of the cookies installed or the way they are executed:

      • The private browsing option so that browser history, website passwords, cookies and other information about the websites visited are not stored.
      • The “do not track” feature, whereby the browser requests that websites visited do not track your browsing habits, for example to display advertising that may be of interest to you on the websites you visit.


Browser Link
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox cookies


Please note that if you disable these aforementioned cookies we cannot know what you like or dislike about our pages and it will be difficult for us to improve your user experience on this Website.

  1. Further information and exercising your rights
    Without prejudice to the offered possibilities of setting up cookies, as well as the different mechanisms for managing said cookies available in this Policy, if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or you wish to exercise your rights, please check our General Privacy Policy for further information.



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