Design recommendations for splashpark pools

Splashparks are shallow paddling pools with a variety of water features specially designed for small children. They must therefore be safe areas where children can play and have fun without being exposed to any danger.
As with the children’s pools discussed above, these pools and their accessories are designed to be fun and safe. Because the water is barely ankle deep, the entire splashpark could be defined as a playground sitting on a sheet of water. These pools require special age-appropriate accessories and water features that may include interactive fountains, so that when kids step on the coloured dots, they are surprised by the shape, colour and sound of the water that comes out.




Standar features:

  • Uses: Leisure
  • Target public: Children
  • Seasonality: Indoor pools can be used all year round and outdoor ones in summer
  • Usual location: Water parks, children´s parks or kids´ areas


Design recomendations

  • Geometry:  The use of smooth, irregular shapes is recommended.
  • Temperature:  30 – 32 ℃ for indoor pools.
  • Depth:  Shallow depths that are safe for children.
  • Recirculation time:  There are specific regulations for paddling pools to prevent Legionella and it is recommended that the strictest rules be followed. The recommended recirculation time is between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  • Water Treatment:  It is recommended that a hypochlorite-based system be used in conjunction with a UV system to keep the generation of by-products derived from chlorine to a minimum and, therefore, enhance the well-being of swimmers. As the volume of water to be treated is generally small, fitting these kinds of systems does not usually increase the overall outlay, whilst making water quality better and enhancing the well-being of kids.
  • Pool shell finish: The flooring used must comply with regulations on non-slip surfaces, so EPDM or concrete with resin are recommended.
  • Water recirculation:  As this is a shallow pool, an overflow channel is not required. It is recommended that the water be supplied form drains on the pool floor.
  • Regulations:  It is important to compare previous regulations with the ones currently in force.


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