Design recommendations for swim lap pools

Although lap pools come in different sizes, most are semi-olympic sized pools that are primarily intended for swimming laps. They are equipped with the basic features needed for lap swimming, such as individual lap lanes.
The motivation behind installing a pool of this kind is to offer users the opportunity to spend their free time enjoying different water-based activities.



Standar features:

  • Uses: Swimming stroke practice and training
  • Target public: General public
  • Seasonality: All year round
  • Usual location: Indoors or outdoors


Design recomendations

  • Geometry:  Rectangular (25 m x 12.5 m , 25 m x 16.5 m).
  • Temperature:  25 – 28 ℃, as recommended by the International Swimming Federation (FINA).
  • Depth:  The recommended depth is between 1.4 and 1.8 m, depending on use. If a pool is mainly used by occasional or amateur swimmers, a depth of 1.4 metres is recommended for safety reasons and for reducing maintenance costs.
  • Recirculation time:  Will depend on local regulations, but may last between 2 and 4 hours.
  • Water Treatment:  Swimmers ususally spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour in this type of pool, so it is recommended to use technologies such as a UV water treatment system or salt chlorinator that keep the generation of by-products derived from chlorine to a minimum and, therefore, that enhance the well-being of swimmer as they will suffer far less from the discomfort of sore eyes and irritated mucous membranes.
  • Pool shell finish:  The use of PVC liners is recommended.
  • Water recirculation:  An overflow system arround the whole edge of the pool is the most efficient water recirculation method.
  • Construction system:  Modular system of prefabricated metal panels ensures that the pools are precisely the size required by FINA and national swimming federations.
  • Recommended pool accesories:  Lane markers, platforms for podiums, podiums, backstroke turn indicators and false start indicators.
  • Regulations:  It is important to compare previous regulations with the ones currently in force.


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