Design recommendations for swim lesson pools

As the name indicates, these are swimming pools used to teach children and adults how to swim and they are usually no more than 1.20 metres deep. They can be used for other water activities as well, such as aqua gymnastics, aqua Pilates, tabata and water aerobics.
These are very versatile pools suitable for sports complexes that can be used for a wide variety of activities that are always in high demand by users.



Standar features:

  • Uses: children and adult swim lessons, aqua gymnastics, cycling, etc.
  • Target public: General public
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Usual location: Indoors


Design recomendations

  • Geometry:  Rectangular (12.5 x 6 m)
  • Temperature:  30 – 32 ℃
  • Depth:  A depth of 1.2 m will make a pool suitable for many purposes and enable many activities to be run it.
  • Water Treatment:  It is recomended to use technologies such as a UV water treatment system or salt chlorinator that keep the generation of by-products derived from chlorine to a minimum and, therefore, that enhance the well-being of swimmers as the will suffer far less from the discomfort of sore eyes and irritated mucous membranes.
  • Pool shell finish:  The use of PVC liners is recommended.
  • Water recirculation:  An overflow system arround the whole edge of the pool is the most efficient water recirculation method.
  • Construction system:  Modular system of prefabricated metal panels.
  • Regulations:  It is important to compare previous regulations with the ones currently in force.


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