Emotions and sensory experiences in Wellness

Water usually conjures up positive and pleasant emotions such as security, calm and freshness. Clean, calm and deep waters or that trickle slightly with a soothing sound give us the peace and quiet we need, and that we seek when we go to a wellness space.
Apart from any physical benefits, which are without a doubt extremely important, there are even more mental benefits. Water makes up 70% of the human body overall, whilst the brain is also 70% water, the blood 80% and the lungs 90%. That is why we feel at home next to water.
Light, another human need, contributes to the environment we seek to create in our spas, which we achieve by fitting our lighting in our spa basins.
The shades of light in water also convey emotions. The different colours we see in water are due to its depth, chemical properties, the outdoor and indoor light to which it is exposed (artificial and natural) and the colours of the materials that cover the basin (vitreous tiling, ceramic tiling, slate, stone, stainless steel, etc.). The colours in the water evoke very different feeling in us.



Dark colours are conducive to reflection, feeling calm and taking an inner journey. Colours give life to water and invite us to get into it. Fresh, Mediterranean blues heighten our desire for sensual movement and comfort. Shades of green make us think of virgin landscapes that invite us to dream and be open to new sensations. White, sandy colours are associated with fresh spring water and bathing in such water leaves us with a feeling of purity.
The smells, healing and cleansing properties stored in water are in themselves beneficial but are considerably enhanced in a spa by adding aromas of lavender, orange blossom, pine, eucalyptus or scented salts. Incense that releases fragrances into the areas where water is found and citric aromas open the mind and make us breathe more deeply. Every little extra in a wellness area helps achieve the feeling of well-being and peace being sought.
The water’s temperature also conveys emotions. Warm water is pleasant and completely comforting. When the temperature drops, this puts us into a state of alert, the effect on the nerve endings increases concentration and we feel that a reaction is about to happen.
Everything in the water informs our minds and causes us to react. The nature of water does not go unnoticed on our skin. Salty water tickles and a certain pH level can make the skin feel good or just the opposite. Our skin conveys information to the rest of the body and brain. It is the starting point for many emotions associated with the chemical properties of the water in which we bathe.
All emotions that come from the effects of water are subjective, induced by our memories, experiences, know-
ledge and desires. In view of the above, it can be said that water leaves no-one indifferent.
Therefore, going to a wellness centre becomes a sensory experience that will evoke feelings and emotions in the people who visit it by drawing on their subjective perception of the surroundings.
Emotions can rise to the surface through the visual associations suggested by the interior design. For instance, the Buddhist-inspired images and statues combine well with the Zen décor, which is supposed to bring to mind rest from the outside world, a meditation retreat, and spiritual techniques that make it possible to relax and switch off.
The same ideal of switching off and clearing the mind if followed in the case of the natural and themed styles.


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