Taipei Summer Universiade Olympic Pool project finish

Fluidra has​ recently​ finished the installation of the ​O​lympic and ​W​arm-up pool that will host the 29th edition of the Summer Universiade sports competition event​ in Taipei​.

The project, worth a total of 5.1 million euros, has been commissioned by Taipei City Government and includes some of the most advanced solutions. Specifically, the floating Skypool system that makes it possible to build a temporary pool without affecting a sports pavilion’s flooring as it does not have to be anchored to the ground. Furthermore, the system will use the compact Nephron water treatment system, which was specially designed for provisional swimming competition facilities and has already been used in some world swimming championships.

Moreover, the ​O​lympic ​P​ool has​ obtained its corresponding certification following FINA Facility Rules​ ​and ​now ​it is ready to welcome hundreds of international student-athletes that are going to compete from the 19th until the 30th of August in what is also known as the World University Games.