Freepool – A innovative technical solution

Fluidra presents a water treatment solution developed to provide perfect water quality in pools but also in the natural environment, ensuring the health and confort of the facility´s users. This is the Freepool system.

A revolutionary solution for the treatment and disinfection of public swimming pools. Designed by Fluidra in collaboration with the Autonomus University of Barcelona, Ctrl4 Enviro and the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the solution provides optimum air and water quality, thereby guaranteeing the health and safety of pool users.

The Freepool system disinfects the water in the pool with the most natural and sustainable technology on the market: neolysis. It corrects pH levels by injecting high efficiency CO2 throught a GVG system, whilst reducing water consumption.


How Does Freepool Work?

Freepool disinfects water thanks to Neolysis system adjusting pH levels by injection CO2 trhought GVG system.

Thanks to the technology used, FreePool ensures that swimming pools have a perfect enviroment.

Its main features and advantages are:

  • 75% Reduction in the concentration of axidants in the enviroment, which improves the quality of the enviroment and reduces the smell of chlorine.
  • 100% Reduction in the production of chlorine and diluted acid, wich completely avoids the use of chlorinated product (hypoclorite, chlorine tablet, etc.) and acids.
  • 66% Reduction in pool top-ups, which saves water and energy wherever it is installed.


Neolysis Technology

This is a method for the tratment and disinfection of pool water that in a single reactor combines salt chlorination with UV technology. This system brings together the main characteristics and  advanges of these technique, whilst it also overcome their defects, disadvantages an limitation.

In adition to disinfecting water whithout chlorine, it drastically reduced the concentration of chloramines, which form when the chlorine comes into contact with the various nitrogenated combounds (cosmetics, sweat, etc). that swimmers bring into the water.


Freepool system

GVG system

The high performance GVG system is a device that injects CO2 into the water to regulate a pool´s pH level.

It takes in water from and returns it to the pool´s filtration circuit. In addition, it takes water from the feed circuit and then introduces in the filtration circuit. The CO2 gas comes from two sets of gas cylinders or from a cryogenic thank, wich are in turn controlled by the device.

The GVG system runs off signals from external sensors recived from releated external devices: the pool´s regulation and controll system, the water levels sensing unit at the chlorine dispenser.

It is controlled by sofware that delivers unbeatable levels of sustainability and efficiency, and it connects up to all other water treatment devices.


Freepool system



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Freepool system