Technologies – Freepool


Revolutionary public pool water treatment
and disinfection system.

Freepool is a water treatment and disinfection system designed by Fluidra in partnership with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Ctrl4 Enviro and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona that not only keeps pool water in top condition, but also ensures that the air in swimming pools is of a perfect quality, thus benefiting the health and well-being of swimmers.

The Freepool system disinfects pool water using the most natural and sustainable technology in the market: neolysis. It corrects pH levels by injecting high-performance CO2 into the GVG system, with the added advantage that water consumption is reduced.


Reduction in the concentration of oxidants in the air and less smell of chlorine.


Reduction in chlorinated products and diluted acids used, so it completely does away with the need to add chlorinated products (hypochlorite, chlorine tables, etc.) and acids.


Reduction in combined chloramines in the water, so it is healthier as users do not suffer from itchy skin or breathing problems.


Reduction in pool water top-ups so savings are made on power and water wherever it is installed.

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