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Panel pools, the most advanced technology
that delivers water tightness, precision and durability.

Skypool is a construction system made of hop-dipped galvanised steel panels covered in a PVC.P membrane. The panels are extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion that adapt to any existing infrastructure, whether fixed or temporary.

The use of these completely prefabricated panels and the easy fastening and assembly system makes it possible to build and above-ground or in-ground pool in record time.


The use of completely prefabricated
components, together with the easy
assembly system, considerably reduces
the time required to build a pool.


New design and manufacturing systems
are used to obtain maximum quality
functionality and durability of all
pool components. The metal
structure has a 20-year warranty.


The use of the very best
components, together with a totally safe
construction system,
delivers the reliability required
in this type of facility.


Panel pools, the most advanced
technology that guarantees precision and
accuracy, adapts to each project,
whatever the pool shape.


Choose a place and we’ll build a pool there!
The advantage of the lightweight,
easily adaptable structure is that pools
can be built even in awkward conditions.
Small spaces, rooftops, stadiums, etc.


All components can be recycled,
are non-contaminating
and are manufactured using processes
with a low environmental impact.


As no complex infrastructure
has to be built,
a high performance pool can be
obtained at a lower cost.

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