Olympic pools

More than 45 years devoted to designing and equipping both competition and training pools are the best possible endorsement of compliance with international standards.
Fluidra Engineering puts systems in place that prioritise the comfort, health and optimum performance of sportspeople.


Fluidra at major sports events

Fluidra is a big player at major sports events. It has taken part in the design, planning and execution of many facilities used for World Aquatics Championships run by FINA, such as Barcelona 2003, Shanghai 2006, Melbourne 2007 and Manchester 2008.

Fluidra has long-standing experience in the design and execution of Olympic pools that comply with FINA’s rules on facilities.

What are
FINA Facilities

The FINA Facilities Rules set out the requirements that a pool must fulfil in order to stage competitions. They describe the standards that must be followed (mainly in terms of the size, shape and colours of facilities) for Olympic pools, as well as for other water sports such as water polo, diving and synchronised swimming.

The FINA Facilities Rules do not stipulate which materials must be used for building Olympic pools, nor the products or manufacturers that must be employed for the building work. These rules serve for turning a pool into one that can be used for the Olympics and world swimming championships.

Certification process for Olympic pools according to FINA rules

Once the design and construction process of an Olympic pool has been completed, it must then go through the certification process. The process entails a qualified expert certifying that the pool is of the required size, following which a technician from the Federation in the corresponding country will visit the facilities and check their quality and functionality based on the FINA Facilities Rules before issuing a certificate of compliance.


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