Joseph La Bonnardière first came up with the concept of thalassotherapy in 1867 and it was later internationally recognised. It comes from the Greek thalassa (sea) and therapeia (treatment or healing) and, according the International Federation of Thalassotherapy, a thalassotherapy centre is “a community health establishment that takes advantage of the benefits of marine elements for preventive health or healing purposes under medical supervision”. These elements are the seaside bioclimate, seawater, mud and seaweed, in addition to sand and other substances such as plankton.



These centres are characterised by their closeness to the sea. They draw off the seawater, sterilise it and pump it to the centre, which may or may not have hotel facilities.
The upsurge in wellness tourism is a plus point for adding a wellness space to a thalassotherapy centre. In this case, the unique attraction is the use of seawater, which according to experts is useful for easing joint pain that can be seen in just a few sessions and has a vasodilator effect that lasts longer than that obtained in fresh water of the same temperature due to its richness in salts. Apart from its health benefits, it also tones the muscles.
Fluidra chooses products made of materials that are most suited for treating seawater.



If you want to know the essential steps to create the most optimized wellness space, request our guide of solutions for Wellness projects.


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