Design recommendations for Wellness pools

The current rhythm of life in society has given rise to a demand for spaces devoted to well-being. As the name indicates, wellness or well-being centres use thermal circuits as relaxation and stress relief treatments. This is why the use of a commercial pool for leisure and relaxation turns it into a facility’s star attraction, which often has water features that make it unique and versatile.



Standar features:

  • Uses: Relaxation
  • Target public: Adults
  • Seasonality: All year round
  • Usual location: Wellness centers, sports centers, hotels and resorts


Design recomendations

  • Geometry:  Freestyle.
  • Temperature:  34 – 36 ℃ for heated indoor pools.
  • Depth:  From 0.9 to 1.2 m.ln pools with hydromassage benches where users sit, a depth of 0.9 m is recommended.
  • Recirculation time:  It is recommended that the water be recirculated often as the water temperature tends to the high, and because air and water convection is caused by the water features. The recommended recirculation time is every 20–30 minutes. In pools in which it is expected that users will move around to experience the different types of cascade, jets, air bubbles, etc., a depth of 1.20 m is recommended.
  • Water Treatment:  This type of pool requires greater care in treatment as users go to them to enjoy the best possible experiences in water that should be of the uttermost quality. The system recommended for these types of pool is called Neolysis, which in a single reactor combines salt chlorination with UV radiation.
  • Pool shell finish:  Ceramic or vitreous tiling.
  • Water recirculation:  Overflow channel around the entire edge of the pool to reach the level required for filtration.
  • Construction system:  Concrete basin.
  • Regulations:  It is important to compare previous regulations with the ones currently in force.


If you want to know the essential steps to create the most optimized commercial pool, request our guide of solutions for Commercial Pool projects.